Discover the Secrets To Temporary Roadways You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Temporary Roadways for Construction Sites

Heavy traffic situations on and around construction sites are quite common. In fact, these situations can cause extensive damage to that construction site’s ground. So, if you really wish to protect sensitive areas or minimise the possibility of damage/disruption to your construction site and surroundings, then “temporary roadways” will be a highly effective solution for you. Designed to withstand the effects of vehicles, pedestrians, and mini diggers, these roadways will not only protect the ground, but they will also prevent your site from becoming dirty and excessively muddy. Temporary access roads for construction sites can be used in various industries including pipeline, wind farm, transmission line, gas exploration, and logging etc. These anti-slip and anti-trip surfaces will not only provide easy access to a site, but also they help to maintain the highest standards of safety. Therefore, in order to keep your site fully operational, investing in temporary roadway systems can be a wise and meaningful decision.

Temporary Roadways for the Entertainment Industry

Apart from construction sites, use of temporary road construction has become quite popular in various events, functions, and ceremonies. So, if you are planning to celebrate a grand occasion where a huge crowd has been invited to attend, then you may want to ensure a complete ground protection at your event. Well, you can now cover all pedestrian and vehicle access points of your event venue with temporary walkways and roadways. These roadways will be clean, secure, and non-muddy. Temporary ground protection laid at events will provide your guests with an easy, rapid, and free-flowing access to their destinations. These ground protection mats can easily be deployed within a few hours. Furthermore, they can be left for an extended period of time. Convenient access is one of the important parameters to the overall success of an event, especially for large-scale ones. And, for a temporary yet robust solution to efficient road access, you can consider using temporary access roadways.

Top 12 Benefits of Using Temporary Roadway Systems

  • They can be easily placed together in order to create any width and length of road that suits your event, venue, or site.
  • They are hard wearing and perform well in all weather conditions.
  • They will protect your construction sites from damage.
  • They offer a high level of ground protection for all kinds of ground conditions.
  • They are suitable for both pedestrian and vehicle access.
  • They offer a free-flowing access to your guests (at your special events).
  • They are lightweight i.e. they can be transported with ease.
  • Different tracking options are available, for example, roadway, walkway, outrigger, and smooth.
  • They incorporate a non-slip surface and keep people safe.
  • They do not absorb water, which means no chances of getting muddy and soggy.
  • Professional installation facilities are available. 
  • Temporary access roadways will offer a better, efficient, and cost-effective solution when compared to permanent roads.

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Featuring a well-established distribution network, the company can supply the materials for temporary pathways to the UK, Ireland, and across Europe. Their extensive stock of trackway panels is designed with premium-grade materials that offer a superior durability, such as Supa-Trac, I-Trac, Rola-Trac, and Euromats. For any query/information, you are requested to contact the staff members of Event Trax.

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