Ground Protection Systems Explained – All You Need To Know!

When planning an Event, even the smallest mistake could lead to a massive mishap.

Guaranteeing that health and safety legislation is adhered to is a vital part of planning an Event. A key part of this is ensuring you have suitable ground protection systems, in order to ensure no damage will come to the location and help you reduce slip and trip hazards. Improper or no ground protection during an Event can lead to costly damage. Ground protection is essential!

Event Trax provides a range of innovative ground protection and event flooring solutions to Event Planners nationwide; ensuring the risk of damage to an event area, and risk of trip hazards is minimised. Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the correct ground protection and event flooring, which can be provided by Event Trax.

1) Protect Grass From People:

In holding an Event on grass, in say a stadium/pitch/golf course/garden lawn, it’s essential that both the; turf underneath remains in pristine condition; and the people attending are protected from a muddy mess!

Our Supa-Trac temporary flooring solution is very strong yet lightweight, making it the perfect system to use for anywhere that heavy foot traffic, or equipment will travel.

Supa-Trac panels allow air, water and light through to the turf, thereby keeping the grass alive whilst protecting the grass and ground from being damaged by footfall. Supa-Trac flooring panels are speedy and simple to install and extract, with no tools required. They can be laid to fit any area and on any terrain.

The Supa-Trac flooring supplied by Event Trax, to the likes of Croke Park, the Aviva and the RDS, is the easiest, quickest commercially available ground protection solution, and has proven itself over the years.


2) Protect Grass From Vehicles:

Creating a temporary car park can be a challenge for Event Planners. It is usually a nearby field that is used, leading to lots of damage to the grass, creating mud and making a slip hazard.

Our (a) EuroMat and (b) I-Trac ground protection systems serve a dual purpose, both protecting the grass from becoming a swamp, and ensuring your guests can access the event safely and cleanly.

(a) EuroMat is the market leading access mat ideal for providing ground protection and temporary access for lighter vehicles and pedestrians. It is light enough for two people to install, leading to reduced installation costs. EuroMat has an exclusive self cleaning grip surface aimed at dispersing mud while still giving grip to traffic and pedestrians crossing.

euro mats

(b) I-Trac is a system of panels designed to protect the ground from the damaging effects of heavier vehicles and machinery/equipment. It is very light, resistant and easy to use. I-Trac uses a module system enabling the creation of any shape of a surface or access road with a compact and stable surface, supporting extremely heavy loads if required. Used extensively on grass; for the base of a stage, temporary parking areas (even helipads!) I-Trac will leave the ground in great condition when taken back up.


3) Protect a Marquee Floor:

Marquees are an Event Planner’s answer to the great outdoors, enabling many events to be held in locations that would otherwise be impossible.

In Ireland (where it often rains and gets cold!) a Marquee can not only provide shelter and comfort for guests, but the supporting structure can be used to hold necessary lighting, heating and furniture. Too often though Marquees become a mud pit and the mud stays slippery because the grass does not have enough time to dry out. It is essential that the interior of a Marquee remains dry, to ensure your guests do not get injured on a wet and slippery surface.

Event Trax can help protect the interior of a Marquee from becoming a mud pit by laying our Supa-Trac flooring. Supa-Trac can be laid over real or artificial turf, sand, gravel, hard and uneven surfaces, the panels having been designed to accommodate water drainage and air removal, with a non-slip surface.

Supa-trac flooring will therefore ensure the Marquee interior is protected from slips and spills throughout the whole Event, designed in a way that protects the ground underneath and offers protection to – and from – all those high heels!

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