Temporary Event Flooring: Features and Benefits

Uncertainties in weather patterns can wreak havoc on an elegant event and is essential for event planners have an intricate eye when doing their planning. Proper flooring is one of the most critical things to consider when planning for an outdoor or indoor event. Temporary event flooring provides easy mobilisation and demobilisation of events and functions. It is a perfect alternative and an ideal portable solution for walkways, turf flooring, tent flooring, massive staging, surface protection and decorative enhancement. They can be utilised to protect costly and delicate indoor floors from abuse. Other types of temporary floors are specially designed for use on uneven floors. They add convenience and style to special events even in the extreme environments. Whatever the event, it is paramount for planners to choose the flooring that meets the specific needs of their events.

Features of temporary event flooring

• Snap and lock feature for easy installation

Temporary event flooring is engineered for easy assembling and disassembling. In fact, they are designed to meet the challenges associated with event flooring projects. Most of them are roll-able and require tool-free assembly. Most of them feature a patented design with a snap and lock feature for installation and reverse for disassembly. Others come with reusable modular sections that interlock quickly and securely. Besides, there is no need for ground preparation when installing these floors. Regardless of whether one is installing them on a soft or hard, regular or irregular surface, temporary flooring takes the least time to install.

• Have tough and durable materials

Temporary portable flooring options are designed from super-tough military-grade materials that make them resistant to corrosion and rusting. This guarantees long service life. They are safe, robust and durable and can be used for any event. Most of them can sustain chair setups, pedestrian traffic and a variety of loading such as giant cranes, stage setup among other wheeled traffic. They can also be used to provide protection to delicate floors from rigours of heavy traffic. Others are made from a combination of materials to create a super durable surface that is free from trip hazards. Others are reinforced with structural ribbing to add rigidity. They don’t allow liquids and other debris that may spill to perforate.

• Fire safety rating

Safety of guests is imperative when planning any event. Floors that can catch fire quickly can be hazardous. Good temporary event flooring often displays a low degree of heat stress symptoms. Therefore, they can be used during hot summers without incurring any damage.

• Drainage and ventilation holes

These help to permit the flow of air, water, and light thus promoting natural grass growth. Besides, others come with translucent colour that allows sunlight to pass through. They never cause any damage to a recent landscaping project. Temporary flooring also retains ground moisture to eliminate ground drying. Apart from protecting the grass, they also make floors more attractive, appealing and suitable for any special event.

• Lightweight materials

There is no stress associated with transporting temporary event flooring. Most of them roll up quickly and can be stored in palletized sheets. A majority of them are made of lightweight but superior quality materials for easy transportation.

• Cable channels for communication wiring

Whether it is a wedding, stage performance, concert, or any other backyard event, communication if key. Temporary flooring options come with cable and plumbing channels to permit quick and safe wiring and pipe connection. Installers don’t experience any major hassles when doing communication wiring as everything is straightforward.

• Come in different sizes

Temporary event flooring is available in varying sizes depending on the size of the event to host. There is always the perfect size whether one is hosting a big or small event. Event planners must consider the specification such as dimensions, usable surface area and weight supported by a certain flooring. Other features to look into include their comprehensive strength, temperature range, surface texture and burn rating among others.

Benefits of temporary event flooring

• They offer maximum protection to grass and other delicate floors

Parking during events is often overlooked but can pose serious damage to the grass. However, with the use of the right type of temporary flooring, it can be easy to prevent grass from being trampled by people and cars. Damage can even be worse when it’s muddy. Delicate floors can also be safeguarded from damage through laying a damage proof temporary floor. This translates to a reduction in floor remediation costs.

• They are safe and durable

Most temporary floors are made of quality materials that provide non-skid surfaces. Therefore, they don’t pose any serious risk to guests and vehicles. They can also be used for gas and oil surface applications to reduce potential risks due to slipping.

• Very versatile

Temporary event flooring can be used for numerous applications including vehicle access paths, floor protection, stage preparations, concerts, military shelters, indoor and outdoor pathways during weddings, garage protection and more. They can also be designed to contour over different surfaces.

• Quick and hassle-free installation

One doesn’t need to hire an expert or flooring contractor when installing temporary floors. Most of them come handy and are straightforward to install. A majority of the temporary event flooring options come with clean designs for easy assembly and disassembly. They can roll up quickly for easy storage and transportation.

• They are very affordable

Apart from providing all-around superior performance, temporary floors are very affordable solutions, especially when preparing floors for large events. They can be installed quickly and with the minimal labour costs.

• Easy to personalise

Temporary floors come in different colours, sizes and, shapes. This makes them easy to customise to provide dramatic effects that match the theme of the event.

• Easy to clean and maintain

Sections of most temporary event floors can be cleaned and maintained with standard cleaning fluids.


Preparing for a special event can prove to be a significant challenge. Flooring is often overlooked during event planning but plays a critical role. Event planners are often liable for damages that occur due to poor planning. Slipping and tripping hazards are common, and the best way to cushion them is by installing proper flooring options. Event planners should take proper procedures when choosing the right temporary event flooring.

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