Temporary Roadway

Temporary Roadway

If you need vehicular access then Event Trax can help. We can provide and install temporary roadway systems that will allow you to gain access to these locations without damaging the land that your vehicles cross. Our systems are speedy to install and lightweight so they are easily transported, cutting the costs to you. We also have teams of trained installers who can install the system in the minimum time again reducing your costs. The systems that we use will support all vehicle types up to lightweight trucks. If you need to know the exact weight that our system will support then call Liam on +353 8723 77661.


With well-established distribution networks, we can supply trackway to Ireland, the UK and across Europe. Our extensive stock of trackway panels enables us to support events of all sizes from small shows to large concerts.

At Event Trax the I Trac system is our favoured approach to the temporary roadway for the following reasons:

  • It offers high levels of ground protection for all types of ground conditions
  • It can be used on uneven surfaces and when professionally installed results in a durable temporary roadway
  • It is suitable for pedestrian or vehicle access and can support vehicular traffic up to the weight of light trucks
  • It is lightweight and easily transported reducing the overall cost to the end user
  • It can be quickly installed by trained crews which reduces the cost to the event organiser
  • It is hardwearing and performs well in all weather conditions

Heavy Vehicle Access

Where heavy vehicle access is required we offer the I-Trac system. This is a more heavyweight plastic panel system that allows very large vehicles, that do not have an off-road capability, to access locations that would otherwise be impassable. A deployment of I-Trac is shown in the image on the right of this section of the page showing a heavy articulated lorry moving easily across soft ground.

Temporary Roadway (I Trac) Projects

While many of the projects we work on are large scale prestigious projects we undertake projects of all sizes and we would be happy to discuss your ideas with you. We often find that we can provide advice that will help you to identify the best solution for your project and our upfront advice is free. If you do decide to use our services you will find us to be professional, reliable  and efficient so you have one less thing to worry about when you are organising your event.

To have an informal chat about your plans why not call Liam on +353 8723 77661 or click below

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