Supa-Trac™ – Temporary Event Flooring

Supa-Trac temporary event flooring is suitable for pedestrian use and safeguards the ground underneath as well as protecting people from the ground.
The Supa-Trac panels are quick and easy to install with up to 70m2 laid per hour and no tools are required.
Supa-Trac can be used as a;
– temporary covering system for protection of football fields, golf courses, gardens
– light duty roadway
– tent and marquee flooring
– pedestrian walkway
– audience flooring
– indoor/outdoor displays
– temporary building and structures
– even helipads and other sensitive surfaces.



Supa-Trac is perforated, allowing light, air and, water to the ground underneath. Depending on the condition of the ground underneath it can be left down for up to five days without harming the underlying turf and soil.
Supa -Trac event flooring has a patented locking clip system. To unfasten the sections after using only a screwdriver is needed. Due to the unique connection between the components, Supa-Trac panels continue to be flexible and will adapt to slightly uneven surfaces, it can be laid quickly and easily by teams of two.
Additionally, the flooring panels are easy to remove and can be stacked and stored easily. If necessary, the panels can be cleaned by hosing them down.

Optional Extras

We offer delivery, installation, extraction and removal. Upon request, we can also install panels to non-standard sizes and supply special ramps.

Technical data

Material: Nucleated Polypropylene Copolymer
Panel Dimensions: 966 x 275 x 34mm
Panel Weight: 9.7kgs pm2
Colour: White
Accessories: Ramps in Black / White / Yellow / Grey

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