The Lazy Way to a Temporary Roadway, I-Trac

I-Trac is a heavy duty access system the enable vehicles to access inhospitable areas over soft terrain.

I-Trac is a composite panel system that interlocks to create a continuous surface able to deal with all road travelling vehicles and excessive loads.

I-Trac can be handled manually and is secured by a device that needs no additional tools to operate it. Each panel has nine attachment points to allow for accessories to be bolted on where necessary.

I-Trac has no reaction to most chemicals and has a good electrical insulation. It is easy to install and remove. A man can install up to 100 square metres in an hour with each panel surface area being 0.8m2 and an approximate weight of 15kgs.

I-Trac is a highly flexible and capable temporary road system and being the primary non-metal method capable of taking on the competition. I-Trac is a very competitive alternative to standard systems.

Due to the cost of Aluminium systems, security is always going to be a commercial worry. Conversely , this is not the case for I-Trac although valuable as a temporary roadway systemshas no scrap value.

I-Trac meets the needs of roadway standards up to class 85 level, but at the same time offers simply, portable and quick operation. I-Trac has been 5years in the design process and has a unique understanding of the end users needs and I-Trac is well positioned to meet those needs now and in the future.



– access roads for the traffic of vehicles up to 30 tons / axis,
– protection of the ground during mass events,
– landing ground for helicopters, airplanes,
– parking grounds,
– protection of the ground in tents, exhibition halls, stadia, etc..

Technical data:

Panel dimensions:120cm x 92cm
Coverage surface of 1 panel:0,8 m2
Panel thickness:54 mm
Panel weight:15,6 kg
Temperature of application:– 60 > + 95°C
Permissible load:30 000 kg per one axis

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